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Introduction to Fine Cigars


Why the resurgence in the popularity of cigar smoking? Some experts claim it is directly related to the lack of popularity in cigarettes. Marvin Shanken, the editor of "Cigar Aficionado" gives credit to his publication as the main reason. Still others believe it is a stylish trend making a comeback because of the renewed interest in nostalgia. 

Whatever the case, premium cigars are now in heavy demand. Between 1981 and 1991, the American market for premium cigars stagnated around the 100 million unit level. The number of units imported in 1997 was over 575 million. How many times in the past year have you walked into a cigar store, longing for your favorite smoke, only to hear the all-too-familiar "Try me again next week."

So you find yourself trying something that is available -- and guess what? You begin to discover other cigars with different characteristics and tastes. Before you know it, you've become a cigar aficionado yourself. A true cigar lover.


Enjoy the beauty of a hand-made, natural product while you read the rest of this web site & remember to smoke responsibly.


Cigar makers utilize different tobaccos to try to compensate for nature. They continually seek a blend that will achieve consistency and at the same time create some flavor complexity. A good blend uses tobaccos from different geographic zones, varieties, grades and harvests, so that the cigar will be complete and balanced.

Classifying Cigars:

The identity of a cigar is determined by its brand, wrapper, size and color. The brand is the designation given by the manufacturer to a particular line of cigars., Macanudo, Thomas Hinds and Arturo Fuente are some well-known names. You'll generally find these names on the label wrapped around the "head" of the cigar."

Cigars for Every Occasion

Cigar lovers strive to find the ideal "daily smoke." It's usually a small cigar, so you can smoke it in about 20 minutes; inexpensive, so you can afford to smoke one or two every day; and lastly, that cigar should be pretty darn good. if you're french and look for a cigarette électronique, c'est par ici les vapoteurs.







what are your drinking with your cigar ?






Appreciating Fine Cigars


Examine the cigar for the quality of the wrapper. Look for things like oiliness, firmness, a silky texture, and overall consistency of wrapper color. Bulging veins, excessive spotting, marks and a rough finish are defects. Cigars should be maintained at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. A poorly humidified cigar will display cracks and have an overall dry feeling to it. Seeing oil in the wrapper leaf indicates that the cigar has been well-humidified and the smoke should be relatively cool. A cool smoke is a tastier one, because it means the tobacco isn't carbonizing or overheating, which can limit the flavors.


How you cut and light your cigar determines how well you will enjoy it. A cigar with a bad cut will pull too loosely and smoke hot and bitter or just fall apart towards the finish and leave you spitting like a camel. A correct cut rivals a comfortable chair; you don't even notice it. Each smoker has a favorite way to snip off the end of a cigar. A ritual so personal is subject to inflexible opinions about right and wrong methods, and the choice of method is often traceable to the mentor who taught a given smoker to appreciate cigars. For now, if you are uncertain about cutting your cigar, you should ask someone for help.


Lighting your cigar is equally important as cutting and determines how well the cigar will taste once it is lit. The use of a wooden match or cedar strip, called a "spill," is elegant and effective, but it's often time-consuming and unwieldy because it takes more than one match to properly light up. Any good butane lighter is an efficient cigar smoker's companion. Now you are ready to light. Cool smoke is the goal. Never let the cigar touch the flame. When you light up, hold the cigar at a 45 degree angle above the flame, just far enough away so that the tip of the flame dances up to the cigar but never quite touches it. 


As with sampling fine wines and liquor, cigars have a descriptive language of their own. The overall cigar can be described as mild, medium, or full-bodied. The first third of the cigar will contain flavors such as spice, pepper, toast, coffee, chocolate, nutty, creamy, tobacco, earthiness, grassy, vegetal, floral, salty, and cinnamon. The last third of the cigar determines the finish, the lasting taste of the cigar on your palate. To describe a finish, use words such as mild, medium, cedary, leathery, hot, bitter, earthy, creamy, and spicy.

Give yourself the best treat

Spirits and wines provide an ideal marriage with a premium hand-rolled cigar. Your choice of beverage depends on personal taste, but it can vary according to the occasion. Sometimes what you want with your cigar is a full-bodied, slightly sweet taste of vintage port or the palate cleansing sharpness of Cognac or Scotch. Other times you may want to experiment with a premium tequila or aged rum. Also, if you're french, do not fail to visit our vapers friends at A&L.


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